Anonymous: i think your plotline is wonderful you guys, don't listen to anon.

Thank you very much! We both love the plot just as much as you do, if not twice as much.

Anonymous: this plotline is shit wtf

If you think our plotline is “shit”, why don’t you tell us what would make it better?

This is a note from the creator. Thank you, for the “compliment”. We didn’t really ask for you to point out flaws in the plot that I wrote out. It may not suit what you like, but it may suit what others like. - Kalyndi

Anonymous: have you ever thought of revamping, like restarting on a clean slate?

No, not really. I put a lot of work into scratched. We haven’t been open very long so I think that we should give it time. Plus, I’ve just started summer break so I will be able to keep things more active, or at least try.

I just thought I’d add to this. We are already on a clean slate. Our accounts have very few posts and nothing major has happened. We’re still in the “getting to know each-other” stages of the roleplay and I guess some people didn’t know that. We will hopefully get out of this quickly but you have to understand that when the RP opened, we had enough people to start. Since then, people have left and it’s a bit trickier. That doesn’t mean you have to worry about the amount of dedication we currently have for it - we didn’t wait that many months for nothing.

You have between now and 8PM (GMT) to flood Scratched with questions - concerning anything. They will all be answered, no matter how “stupid” (nothing’s stupid) they are or how much time it takes to answer them. Get asking!

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If all of our current players would try to interact more, I’m sure activity would increase and we may be able to attract the interest of some other players!

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Anonymous: Promote? And I really like the prompt (: Perhaps more focus on character development and psychological effects would be nice, because it makes the players stay even if there are no major events. IDK.

We have a promotions blog that we have plenty of promotions queued up. We’ll be keeping them in the queue as well!

The players will need to help with the character development. You guys are the ones playing characters, so try to build your characters. There is only so much I can do. I’ll start sending out promotions to help blogs periodically. We obviously need more players to establish development more, but it all starts with the few of us here.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Also, credit for the prompt goes to Alanna, not myself!

Clitter, clatter, bang, smash. What do you think that noises are; the noises coming from the east wing?

Rosalie Meadows has been reopened
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This is our first activity check.

Since the timeline has been very quiet and at least one member has deleted their blog, we’re running our first activity check. Prompts and other exciting things are on their way but unfortunately the main admin has been exceptionally busy, which is why she hasn’t had the time to write them yet.

 Please like this post before the 19th of May (that’s a week today) if you wish to keep your role. Also, if you have any suggestions as to what we could do to make the roleplay more fun or active, leave a message in the inbox (anonymous or not) and we’ll see what we can do.

Anonymous: in response to that anon, would the staff be playable? Or is there any info pertaining to them that we can mention while rping to create plots?

Currently, the staff are unplayable. But this could be a future development.

Some information, the staff are the only people who really know the ways in and out. They enter from the passageway on the bottom floor, and bring food and other supplies up to those trapped. They are aware when someone is following them, and are quite careful to not be noticed when slipping out of the passageway.

The servers work for the Corren’s in the west wing, and are assumed to live in the east wing, when in reality, they do not. They will not tell the ways in and out to anyone, as it’s in their code.